Foto: Lena Giovanazzi

Children Family

Creative play in the Tiergarten

Everyone is invited to participate! The Kreuzberg-based association known as “S27 – Kunst and Bildung” (S27 – Art and Education) offers young visitors an area designed specifically for them. In cooperation with the Berlin-based artist Seraphina Lenz, the Tiergarten Park will be transformed for three days into a fantastical children’s paradise.

True to the motto NUR MIT EUCH/ONLY WITH YOU, there will be a number of opportunities for children and adults to explore, play and try out new things. Whether it’s an open-air photo studio with a costume kiosk, flower and garland weaving, Murat’s Kids Disco or the various acts performing on the children’s stage – none of these games can work alone but only in cooperation with others. Inspiration will be provided by Little Sun, an initiative created by world-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson: Children will be invited to paint their own sunlight graffiti using solar light.

This is a place to play and learn, and it’s also home to the kids’ version of the adults’ “Round Table”, in this case with no hierarchies and no above vs. below. This is where kids can do crafts and conduct experiments, while also having eye-level discussions (just like the adults at the Round Tables in the “History and Remembrance” area) or just relaxing. Our goal is to raise awareness and enthusiasm among children and adolescents for German unity and its associated values: that is, of course, while also having lots of fun – NUR MIT EUCH/ONLY WITH YOU!


Art and Education

S27 is an international creative lab for young people who want to change the world. Over 2,000 children and adolescents meet each year with artists drawn from all areas. Together, they explore the world with all of their senses and use their creativity to turn everyday life on its head. / Kunst & Knirpse (Art & Rascals) – Playgrounds in the Tiergarten: workshops on and around Floraplatz (from the age of 5 years), Berlin’s largest ball pit (from the age of 6 years), Murat’s Kids Dosco Kinderdisco (5-12 years of age), SCHLESILAND Lounge with “Trickmisch” activity table (from the age of 12 years), open-air photo studio with costume kiosk

Foto: Seraphina Lenz, Werkstatt für Veränderung

Seraphina Lenz

Participation in urban spaces

The Berlin-based artist Seraphina Lenz explores living environments and landscapes and develops new urban spaces together with locals. This way, the city becomes the stage and venue for social themes but also of joint experiences and personal desires. Together with S27 and visitors, Seraphina Lenz will transform the Tiergarten into a dreamy, playful and creative art lab.

Berliner Forum der Religionen – Berlin Forum of Religions

Respect – Dialogue – Cohesion

In addition to the programme for adults, the Berliner Forum für Religionen (Berlin Forum of Religions) will also offer a children’s programme in a tepee in Tiergarten Park. / Turban binding, memory games, hands-on activitie

© Berliner Foum der Religionen


Discover, experience and learn in a playful way

FEZ Berlin is Europe’s largest not-for-profit children’s, youth and family centre. The FEZ complex offers adventure, education and fun throughout its various “experience-worlds”, on the Astrid Lindgren stage, in the pools, at the Alice Museum für Kinder and at the aerospace centre! / games for children, large wooden marble run, family sport & play equipment, interactive circus, miniature figures, puppet making

Foto: Claudia Weidemann

High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations (UNHCR)

The UN Refugee Agency

Today, 68.5 million people on earth have had to flee their homes, and half of them are children. With a staff of 11,000 employees in 130 countries, the UNHCR attempts to improve the lot of these people. Because it is only a matter of coincidence that we ourselves are not refugees. / Painting and crafts station, VR experience, non-stop pedestrian football game


Little Sun

Solar energy for the whole world

Little Sun is a global project created by artist Olafur Eliasson with the goal of bringing affordable solar energy to people living without any power supply. Little Sun works worldwide to raise awareness for solar energy, access to energy for all and the UN’s sustainability goals. / Information stand, sunlight graffiti, interactive and hands-on solar energy

© Little Sun

Milchsalon. Gute Kinderkonzerte – “Milk Parlour”. Great Children’s Concerts

Great children’s music. For everyone.

A conspirative concert series that takes place in Berlin clubs, that is, exactly where children have no business hanging out! This is where modern children’s music will meet a diverse array of different music genres without being silly. Experience the musicians and ask them questions, touch all the different equipment or totally flip out. / Information stand with CD sales, autograph sessions, balloons, children’s concerts (Tiergarten stage: 1 October, 4 pm, 2 October, 3:30 pm, 3 October, 12 pm + 3:30 pm)


© Christophe Gateau

Mitmachmusik e.V.

Integration through music

MitMachMusik is a group of professional musicians from Berlin and Potsdam who share the vision of a peaceful society. In order to help strengthen the self-confidence of refugee children and to integrate them productively into society, these musicians make music together with them in their homes and organise concerts in their districts. / Tiergarten stage: 3 October, 2 pm 


© Milchsalon

Puppenphilarmonie – Puppet Philharmonic

Music and stories for children and adults

This puppet philharmonic brings together two traditional forms of art – puppetry and classical music – in a unique and affectionate manner and often at unusual locations. It makes it possible for everyone to experience classical music – whether in kindergartens, boardrooms, city centres or in a temple of muses. /Mini concerts with classical music and puppets, duration: 20 min. (Disco tent in the children’s area)


Foto: Puppenphilharmonie/Robert Lehmann

Zwergstadt – Tiny Town

Come and play!

In the midst of the bustling plethora of events, the Zwergstadt (tiny town) conjures up a place of well-being for children and adults alike. Children of all ages, interests and moods will have a variety of opportunities to play but also simply to relax or be lively and creative. / Play mobile, crafts paradise, reading lounge, crawling space, nappy changing station, Tukluk building section, capoeira workshop, drum workshop, play-kitchen area, movement guide, Clown Dolchu 


Foto:Jan Bechberger