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Federal Government Federal States

A journey through Germany

Government and constitutional bodies as far as the eye can see – that is, at least, when Germany’s key political bodies gather for three days to showcase their work on an area stretching from the Reichstag building to the Federal Chancellery.

For the first time in the history of the annual celebrations of German unity, all 16 federal states (Bundesländer) will join the so-called “Zipfelbund” as well as the Bundestag (federal parliament), Bundesrat (federal council) and the Bundesregierung (federal government) at one location on and around the Platz der Republik. At this emblematic and historical site, where the reunification of Germany was officially proclaimed and celebrated in 1990, politicians and other representatives of federal and state governments will make themselves available to answer any questions interested guests might have.

Experience politics and democracy first-hand, while at the same time enjoying the best in culture, science and culinary treats from Germany’s federal states. A trip to the Platz der Republik facing the Reichstag building promises to take you on a journey through Germany’s federal democracy at a location in the very heart of the capital – NUR MIT EUCH!

German Bundestag (federal parliament)

Every half hour, an interactive role play thematising the work done by the Bundestag – Germany’s parliament – will be presented in the Forum Plenarsaal (plenary hall forum). Visitors are invited to learn about the everyday work of their members of parliament in a “Plenarsitzung” (plenary meeting) and can even take part in a vote. One highlight will be the hour-long info events offered by the six parliamentary groups in the Bundestag. At the
Kommunikationsforum (communication forum), visitors can expect to see interviews with members of parliament, take a Bundestag quiz on parliamentary events, discuss the German parliament with Bundestag staff and enjoy playful activities for children and adults alike. The programme is rounded off by visits to the Bundestag and the opportunity to get your photo taken in the “Plenarsaal” (plenary hall). For more information about the programme, visit: www.bundestag.de

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German Bundesrat (federal council)

In celebration of the Day of German Unity 2018, the Bundesrat (federal council) will make the move from its usual home on Leipziger Strasse to a spot on the Platz der Republik, right in front of the Reichstag building! Visitors are invited to find out more about the work done by the Bundesrat at a multimedia exhibition and on a virtual tour. You can even ask questions of the government heads of Germany’s federal states. The highlight will come with the symbolic handing-over of the Bundesrat presidency on 3 October by current Bundesrat President and Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller to his designated successor, Minister President Daniel Günther of Schleswig-Holstein. Visitors will also experience a multifaceted programme featuring celebrity guests and a BUNDESRAT quiz. For our youngest visitors, there will be a creative painting and crafts area called “KreativeAdler” (creative eagle), and anyone interested in seeing what it feels like to sit on a real Bundesrat bench is welcome to try it out. We’re looking forward to welcoming you! For more information on our programme, visit:  www.bundesrat.de

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Bundesregierung (federal government)

Celebrate the Day of German Unity 2018 with the federal government right in front of the federal chancellery building! Everyone is invited to experience first-hand the plans and key focuses of Germany’s federal government and learn facts about the tasks and working methods of the various ministries. The stage here will feature discussions with prominent guests, quizzes and music. Visitors can also experience what it’s like to sit at the cabinet table and even slip into the role of a minister as part of a “Planspiel” (simulation game). We’re looking forward to welcoming you! For more information on our programme, visit: www.bundesregierung.de

Abgeordnetenhaus (Berlin’s state house of representatives)

Berlin’s Abgeordnetenhaus (House of Representatives) is a key political body that makes the most important decisions affecting Berliners every day. Ralf Wieland, President of the Abgeordnetenhaus, is looking forward to welcoming you at the information tent of Berlin’s state house. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the work of Berlin’s representatives and the varied history of its current home, the former Prussian State Parliament. Have a discussion with one of the state representatives and embark on a journey through the social and political development of Berlin from the mid-19th century to our present day. www.parlament-berlin.de

Baden Württemberg

This federal state in southern Germany is known for its innovative ideas and inventors. In some cases, the bigger the idea, the smaller the invention, at least that’s the case with Bosch’s magnetos and UHU superglue, which continue to be heroes in the daily lives of Germans today. The soap bubbles made by Pustefix, the teddy bears made by Steiff and the “Tipp-Kick” table-top football game are other secret heroes that originated in Baden Württemberg. At this year’s street festival, these small inventions are going to make some big appearances. And, of course, Baden-Württemberg will also be showcasing its famous culinary side with such specialties as Maultaschen (resemble large raviolis), oberschwäbischer Dinnede (resemble a tarte flambée) and their classic Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake). Baden-Württemberg is looking forward to welcoming you! www.baden-wuerttemberg.de

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Join us and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Free State of Bavaria in a traditionally different way! How about a stroll through the legendary “Wintergarten” on the rooftop of the Munich residence of King Ludwig II with the help of an interactive virtual-reality experience. You can also engage in competitive nailing – a Bavarian tradition where participants drive nails into a tree trunk. Enjoy the culinary delights of Mönchshof brewery and Frankenfarm. Musical highlights will be provided by Goaßl-Schnalzer and the Oberfrankenrebellen. In addition to the latest information about tourist destinations in Bavaria, visitors will also be able to learn about the fascinating Mödlareuth Museum. Bavaria is looking forward to your visit! www.bayern.de

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Berlin embodies German unity and European integration like no other city in the country. On the occasion of the Day of German Unity 2018, under the motto “Berlin lebt and liebt Freiheit“ (Berlin lives and loves freedom), visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the unique lifestyle of the capital. Experience Berlin culture, business and interactive science at the Berlin Pavilion and discover new worlds using augmented and virtual reality. Although it’s the smallest disco in the world, the “Teledisko” will offer true dancing fun in the tiniest of spaces. Music and entertainment will be provided by the brass band “Beat’n Blow”, the beatboxers of “Das Friedel”, a live karaoke band and “NOTES OF BERLIN”, among others. A streetfood market will draw many visitors with its culinary diversity. www.berlin.de

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It can be so easy. Close to nature and still totally urban, Brandenburg offers the unique opportunity to live a truly modern yet relaxing life in the area surrounding the German capital. Within sight of the Brandenburg Gate, the Brandenburg Pavilion will showcase the beauty of the regions just outside the city limits of Berlin. The rivers and lakes around Ruppin, Havelland, Spreewald and the OderSpree region – they all contribute to the tremendous attractiveness of this inland federal state, which has the most waterways in Germany. Of course, visitors will also be able to enjoy regional culinary specialties, such as fresh Spreewald pickles, and find out more about the Belgian roots of high-quality chocolate made in the Lausitz region! www.brandenburg.de

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Tradition meets modernity against a maritime backdrop – this is the best way to describe the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and its over 1,000-year history. Bremen and Bremerhaven are considered two of the most top-performing ports in northern Europe, and the federal state of Bremen is one of the most important industrial sites in Germany. Whether its rocket stages, satellites, ships, cars, beer, fish, coffee or chocolate – this is the place where world-renowned products are made. We invite you to try some of them out for yourselves at our Bremen Pavilion. For a very special taste experience, the Bremer Ratskeller will also offer wine tasting gatherings. Entertainment will be provided by “Jens aus Bremerhaven”, who will sing “Leeder un Döntjes von de Waterkant” (songs and tales from the coast), as well as by Theater 62 with a presentation of the “Bremer Town Musicians” and the “Bremer Rockmusikanten”. www.bremen.eu

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The Elbphilharmonie concert hall, the historic port and the harbour district are just a few of the reasons Hamburg is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Five million people live in the metropolitan area, close to the water and the vibrant life that characterizes the Hanseatic city to this day. Hamburg is constantly setting new standards, whether in St. Pauli or in the “Schanze” district, in Ottensen or St. Georg – everywhere you look, cool locations and creative startups are shaping the face of this northern German metropolis. This year in Berlin, Hamburg will be showcasing its unique approach to life. Experience that ultimate Hamburg sound and discover your favourite Hamburg pleasure with cool Hanseatic drinks and good food. Make Hamburg your city! www.hamburg.com

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Hessen is diverse, modern and cosmopolitan, while also being one of the strongest economic regions in Europe. People love living in Hessen; not just in the big cities, but also in rural areas, where one in two “Hessians” is at home. This is the reason why the development of rural areas is a central concern of the Hessen state government. It’s also the inspiration behind the launch of “Land hat Zukunft – Heimat Hessen”, a €1.8 billion initiative that fosters important rural projects. Visitors to the Hessen Pavilion will gain insights into the initiative as well as a colourful programme featuring music, Grimm’s fairytales, impressions of the Mathematikum museum as well as regional culinary specialties.  www.hessen.de

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Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)

At this year’s street festival in Berlin, the northern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will be showcasing its status as a leading location for universities and innovative ideas, as a great place for education and R&D and – thanks to its stunning Baltic beaches, crystal clear lakes and beautiful countryside – as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. The state will be focusing on twelve regions. The prizewinning upcycling hostel “DockInn-Hostels” in Warnemünde will provide insights into its freestanding overseas shipping containers that offer highly unusual Baltic Sea vacations. Young adventurers are invited to acquire a so-called “Entdeckerpass MV” (discoverers’ pass) that allows them to take advantage of many recreational offerings in the state for free. There will also be culinary specialties and maritime music. www.mecklenburg-vorpommern.de

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Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)

Whether it’s a marble-run vote or a telephone interview device – the association known as “Politik zum Anfassen” (hands-on politics) shows visitors that democracy and civic education can be lots of fun! At the booth of IdeenExpo, Europe’s largest youth event for the natural sciences and technology, both big and small explorers will have a chance to participate in the fun. Niedersachsen will also provide information about holidays in the second-largest state in Germany. The Wolfsburg Auto City – one of the most popular destinations in Germany – will also be on hand. After whetting your appetite with all of these highlights, it will then be time for our culinary ambassadors to offer visitors some award-winning food products from Niedersachsen.  www.lower-saxony.de

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Nordrhein-Westfalen – North Rhine Westphalia

Diversity and joie de vivre are what characterise Nordrhein Westfalen (NRW), the most densely populated state in Germany, located between the Rhine and Weser rivers. Big cities and natural paradises, football matches and the annual Karneval, heavy industry and culture are equally at home in NRW. At this year’s fest on Platz der Republik, this western federal state will be treating its guests to Currywurst from Bochum, a buffet of cakes from the Bergischen Kaffeetafel as well as fresh draft beer, rustic Altbier and that top-fermented Kölsch. A festive atmosphere will be provided by the “Nord(rhein) stars”, while the “Knastladen” – which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – will invite visitors to peruse its wares. Good luck in the form of little wooden-pig key chains will be available for free. www.land.nrw

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Rheinland-Pfalz – Rhineland Palatinate

The cradle of German democracy – the Hambacher Fest in 1832 – is found in Rheinland Pfalz. Since then, a cosmopolitan debate culture, the preservation of cultural heritage and a view to the future have been as much a part of our state as our strong commitment to volunteer work and a love of food, wine and beautiful landscapes. We export fine wines all over the world – and today, our delivery destination is Berlin. Join us in the “Weingarten des Landes” (state wine garden) for typical Rhineland-Pfalz cuisine, wines and fresh Bitburger on tap. Experience that special Rheinland-Pfalz approach to life accompanied by the sounds of the band “Flo & Chris”. We’re looking forward to welcoming you! www.rlp.de

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Saarland is a federal state shaped by a deep sense of community. Due to its location close to France, Luxemburg and Belgium, people here already have many years of experience in overcoming borders together with our neighbours. The inviting nature of Saarlanders, a strong economy, excellent educational opportunities, a vibrant cultural scene and a lot of unspoiled nature make us a highly attractive location. In our pavilion, visitors can expect to find typical regional specialties (freshly prepared by star chef Alexander Kunz). Among those performing will be McMurphy (Rock’n’Roll on 1 October) as well as Marcel Adam & La Fine Èquipe (Saarland-French Frühschoppen) on 2 & 3 October, the Stefan Sünder Band (party music), magic by Jakob Mathias and a quiz game.  www.saarland.de

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Whether it’s a winter vacation, a city trip or a hiking and biking tour – Sachsen is always worth the visit. Even in the middle of Berlin. At this year’s Day of German Unity, we invite you to marvel at traditional Saxon craftsmanship when a porcelain artist from the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory paints with “white gold”. Or discover over 850 years of winemaking tradition and meet the Saxon wine queen. At the so-called Saxomat, you can learn more about that traditional Saxon language and accent, and take the Saxon quiz to test your knowledge. Cover bands will create the perfect dance and chill atmosphere in our lounge. Get to know the Free State of Saxony and experience true Saxon hospitality! www.sachsen.de

Foto: Philipp Zieger

Sachsen-Anhalt– Saxony Anhalt

Under the motto “Sachsen Anhalt. Hier macht das Bauhaus Schule. #moderndenken”, we invite you to get to know the federal state with the highest number of original Bauhaus buildings worldwide. To this day, the visionary spirit of the Bauhaus is kept alive and vibrant here. Learn about the programme surrounding the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement in 2019. Or find out more about other worthwhile destinations in Sachsen-Anhalt, just as the “Straße der Romanik” (the Romanesque Road), which stretches 1,200 kilometres and takes you to 80 Romanesque churches, castles and monasteries in 65 different towns. In our beer garden, visitors will be treated to Rotkäppchen sparkling wine, Baumkuchen (“tree cake”) from Salzwedel, sausage specialties from the Harz and other culinary highlights from our state. www.sachsen-anhalt.de

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Schleswig Holstein

A quick dip in the Baltic Sea and a dash to the beach on your bike – more than six million vacationers every year can’t be wrong. In the only German state between two seas, a key role is played by marine protection, marine research and coastal research. In the Geomar Helmholtz Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel and at the Ozean der Zukunft Cluster of Excellence at Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, scientists are examining exactly how the oceans are changing. In Berlin, visitors will be able to meet ocean experts, visit the mobile dome of the Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht and take a fascinating journey from the depths of the ocean all the way to outer space. We’ll also take you on a trip to the coast in culinary and musical terms. www.schleswig-holstein.de

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Thüringen- Thuringia

The cultural city of Weimar is considered to be the cradle of German Classicism. But it is also home to the cradle of Peter Keler – a classic piece of Bauhaus design. In 2019, the city will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus in Weimar. At the Thüringen Pavilion, the focus will be on the protagonists, ideas and products created by the Bauhaus. And, seeing as Thüringen is an expert at linking cultural enjoyment with culinary experiences, you can be sure there will be plenty of Thüringen favourites at this year’s celebrations in Berlin: the original world-famous Thüringen Rostbratwurst (sausage) and Thüringer Klöße (dumplings) with beer or wine from the region. The cooking presentation every hour on the hour will pay homage to Thüringen cuisine and Thüringen hospitality. Drop by and enjoy the activities up-close along with Dixieland and Jazz music, DJ beats and good conversation. www.thueringen.de

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German federal states get involved in development policy! In this area, the federal states make an indispensible contribution to the German commitment to a more sustainably and equitable world. In addition to the activities of the Bundesregierung (federal government), they work to promote the 17 goals on sustainable development involved in the Agenda 2030 – including education, renewable energies and fair trade. The federal states are supported by the World University Service (WUS), which will be on hand at the festivities celebrating the Day of German Unity with an info stand focusing on the subject of development policy. Among the highlights will be several hands-on activities and a wheel of fortune with over 30 quiz questions on global issues. www.wusgermany.de

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Zipfel what? The Zipfelbund is a federation that unties Germany’s four outermost locations: Oberstdorf in the south, List on the island of Sylt in the north, Selfkant in the west and Görlitz in the east. This federation with the funny name was launched in 1999 at the Day of German Unity in Wiesbaden and sealed with the so-called Zipfel pact. Every year since then, the Zipfelbund has gotten involved in the annual celebrations of the Day of German Unity as the “17th Bundesland”. The Zipfelbund pavilion is an invitation to explore in all four compass locations where the wealth of Germany’s diversity awaits: picturesque beaches, historic cities, beautiful mountain landscapes and rural idylls. www.zipfelbund.de

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German Bundesrat (Federal Council) Presidency

On the 1st of November 2017 the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, assumed the office of Bundesrat president for one year. For this year, Mr. Müller will conduct Bundesrat business and head the monthly plenary sessions that all minister presidents usually attend. The Bundesrat president’s tasks also include attending various protocol appointments in Germany and abroad, such as receiving high-level international delegations. Mr Müller has already travelled to Jordan and the Netherlands in the interests of further consolidating good partnerships with those countries.

The German state (Land) holding the office of the Bundesrat presidency also hosts the official Day of German Unity celebrations. In 2018 Berlin will host this festival of democracy, freedom and reunification under the motto ONLY WITH YOU.

YOU WILL FIND MORE INFORMATION at https://www.berlin.de/rbmskzl/bundesratspraesidentschaft/