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Social Engagement Service

Helping, saving, protecting

When human beings and machines work together to save lives and do good, it is fascinating to watch, no matter what age you are. But what prompts us to take personal risks in service of the common good? The Social Engagement & Service area seeks to provide answers to these questions and pays tribute to those among us who work every day in the service of our fellow human beings and the maintenance of our democratic society and community.

A number of different institutions and initiatives will be on hand at this year’s Day of German Unity festival: the Bundespolizei (Germany’s federal police) will provide spectacular insights into the interior of a police helicopter; the Berliner Feuerwehr (fire department) will present historical vehicles and devices; and the Polizei Berlin (police) will reveal some of the tricks used by pickpockets and help children try on police uniforms. The Bundesamt für kerntechnische Entsorgungssicherheit (Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management) will answer questions about the storage and disposal of radioactive waste; and the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (Federal Office for Radiation Protection) will have an “Infomobil” (mobile information vehicle) focusing on the topic of nuclear emergency protection. The staff at the THW – Federal Agency for Technical Relief will discuss what motivates people to volunteer and work in the field of civil protection and disaster relief.

Visitors will be invited to get to know people for whom their job is also a calling. Their sense of community and selflessness are just as indispensible for our community as for the process of unity – ONLY WITH YOU!

Aktion Deutschland Hilft – Germany’s Relief Coalition

Alliance for disaster relief

Rapid and coordinated humanitarian aid in the event of a disaster – this is exactly what “Aktion Deutschland hilft” stands for. This body comprises several German aid organisations united by one goal: to be able to more quickly and in concert to provide help to people worldwide who are in need due to disaster. / Information on the causes of disasters, reports on rescue missions in disaster areas, wheel of fortune, and find out what emergency food tastes like

Foto: Johanniter/Hahn

ASB Berlin

We help here and now

The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (Workers Samaritan Association, ASB) provides quick and direct help to everyone who needs support – in medical and rescue service, disaster relief, refugee relief, winter shelters and many other emergency situations. / Berlin Wünschewagen (make-a-wish vans): Information, tour and discussions with the Wünschewagen team

© ASB,Hannibal

Berliner Feuerwehr – Berlin Fire Department

We put fires out in Berlin. Since 1851.

Emergency rescue, fire fighting, technical assistance, disaster relief, hazard prevention – the oldest and largest professional fire brigade in Germany aims to help people in Berlin who find themselves in an emergency situation in the fastest and most effective way possible. / Information stand, small exhibition of historical vehicles and equipment

© Berliner Feuerwehr

Bundesamt für kerntechnische Entsorgungssicherheit (BFE) – Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management (BfE)

Thinking about tomorrow today…

In 2022, when the last nuclear power plant in Germany is shuttered, there will still be highly radioactive waste that will have to be stored safely in deep layers of rock. The BfE is coordinating and overseeing the search for a suitable location and will be providing information about their quest in a mobile exhibition. / Information stand, quiz, conversations with BfE employees

© BfE

Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz – Federal Office for Radiation Protection

Responsibility for Citizens and the Environment

In a nuclear emergency, it must be possible to determine very quickly whether any radioactive substances have been released into the environment and, if so, to what degree. Germany’s Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (Federal Office for Radiation Protection) measures and evaluates radiation exposure and supports federal and state governments in taking the right measures to protect the population. / Infomobil, tech presentation, discussions with experts

© Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz Messsonden Umweltradioaktivität Copyright Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz

Bundespolizei – Germany’s Federal Police

We are safety

The Bundespolizei is Germany’s federal police force and has roughly 41,000 employees nationwide and at all important transport infrastructure points. It also does police work worldwide on behalf of the UN, the European Union and other international organisations. / Information stand, climb aboard an EC 135 police helicopter, special armoured vehicles, protection services abroad, presentation of the “Bahnstrommodell” (a model for demonstrating the dangers of traction currents) and top sports in the Bundespolizei, pick-pocket prevention

© Bundespolizei

Bundeswehr – Germany’s Armed Forces

Working for freedom

The Bundeswehr (armed forces) is an integral part of the security and defence policy of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition to protecting the country and its inhabitants, the Bundeswehr is tasked with securing Germany’s capacity to act in foreign policy matters. / Information stand and careers service

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz – German Red Cross

Happy to help

The Red Cross saves peoples’ lives, helps in emergencies, offers a community, provides for the poor and needy and monitors international humanitarian law – in Germany and in the whole world. Deutsches Rote Kreuz (DRK) is Germany‘s Red Cross and has roughly three million patrons and around roughly 425,000 active members. / Decontamination course, rescue dog team, squads: Group Tech and Security, water guard: divers and flood boat

Foto: André Zelck / DRK

Die Johanniter – “St. John Accident Assistance”

For the love of life

This Protestant air organisation has been rescuing, supporting, supervising and accompanying people in all kinds of situations since 1952 – every day. The Johaniter draw on a long tradition of knowhow, high tech and passion for what they do – and of course your support and contributions! / Information stand, performance, select technical equipment and areas of expertise

© Johanniter, Anna Niemeier

Malteser Hilfsdienst Berlin – Maltese Aid Service

… being close makes the difference

This Catholic aid organisation provides aid where it’s especially needed. Inspired by their Christian faith, thousands of people nationwide provide social services, emergency care and work to assist people – whether young or old, ill, alone or homeless. In doing so, they help to shape society. / Information stand, live diorama with treatment area, explore up-close a GW San (emergency vehicle used in disaster response), playful introduction to First Aid

© Malteser

Polizei Berlin – Berlin’s Police Force

We are here for you

Berlin’s Polizei (police force) offers its roughly 25,000 employees an interesting and varied daily work routine. Whether it’s on land, on water or in the sky – the Polizei are “Da für Dich” (there for you). In what ways? Come and find out at the Day of Germany Unity. / Information stand with bicycle relay, career services and advice on pick-pockets and bicycle theft, children can try on police uniforms, police badges for kids

© Polizei Berlin

THW – Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk Landesverband Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt
THW Agency for Technical Relief (Regional Association of Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt)

People – Technology – THW

In the case of floods or large-scale calamities, the THW staff will always be there with their multifaceted technology and professionalism. The everyday work of these volunteers is rich with challenges and opportunities: the THW is an exciting hobby and much like a big family. / Information stand, techniques used, participatory events, talks with THW staff

Foto: Uwe Kretzschmar

Zoll – Customs

Working for citizens, industry and the environment

Among the tasks of the roughly 39,000 Zoll employees at 700 locations throughout Germany are the following: putting a stop to product piracy, catching smugglers, fighting against illegal employment, monitoring goods traffic and securing revenue for Germany and Europe. / Information stand, customs dogs at work, defusing robots, customs trainers at work, concert of the Zollkapelle Berlin (customs’ band), exhibition, wheel of fortune, reaching out to young talent, make a customs button

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