© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Lena Giovanazzi

German Bundesrat (Federal Council) Presidency

On the 1st of November 2017 the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, assumed the office of Bundesrat president for one year. For this year, Mr. Müller will conduct Bundesrat business and head the monthly plenary sessions that all minister presidents usually attend. The Bundesrat president’s tasks also include attending various protocol appointments in Germany and abroad, such as receiving high-level international delegations. Mr Müller has already travelled to Jordan and the Netherlands in the interests of further consolidating good partnerships with those countries. You will find more information on current Bundesrat president appointments here: https://www.bundesrat.de/DE/termine/praesident-termine/praesident-termine-node.html

Article 57 of Germany’s constitution states that the Bundesrat president represents the Federal President when he is unable to attend events, when he is away from Germany, for example. Because of this representative function, the Bundesrat president is also referred to as “Number Two in the German State”.

Michael Müller is focusing his Bundesrat presidency on issues around shaping the future in our country. At a time when processes of change in the world of work and digitalisation are increasingly influencing our everyday lives, the future needs to be made modern, digital and socially just. Every person will be needed and they should all have a share in prosperity. To achieve these goals, cooperative efforts at the national and the European level are continuing and those involved are learning from each other. The research and development landscape in the Federal Republic of Germany is also supporting these efforts. Michael Müller has stated, “I believe that we can and must communicate confidence and optimism. If we can work together as an innovative country, bundle all our social forces, and cooperate at the international level, after overcoming the divisions between East and West, we will also be able to transcend the divisions of our era and successfully meet future challenges.”

The German state (Land) holding the office of the Bundesrat presidency also hosts the official Day of German Unity celebrations. In 2018 Berlin will host this festival of democracy, freedom and reunification under the motto ONLY WITH YOU.